Everything you need for epic hair

Lil J is committed to empowering anyone and everyone to have the outrageously fabulous and lustrously healthy hair they deserve. We’re an Aussie-made and owned company with industry expertise in creating incredible hair-care products with all-natural ingredients that are as powerful, healing and pure as our intentions

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Nourishing natural oil treatment for dry and damaged thick hair

Our deeply moisturising blend of pure jojoba and coconut oil can tame even the most flyaway, frizzy or diva-like behaviour.

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Nourishing natural oil treatment for dry and damaged fine hair

Our magical blend of grapeseed and argan oil can spin even the most damaged and straw-like strands into silky, shimmering tresses. 

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Revitalising natural oil treatment for dull and limp hair

Our ultra-nourishing blend of pure coconut and olive oil will help burnt out, stressed strands that have lost their will to live, bounce back into locks so shiny and bright, your admirers will need to wear shades. 

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Healing natural oil treatment to help with dandruff & itchy scalp

This nourishing holy trinity of pure coconut, lemongrass and cedarwood oils pack enough punch to make any hint of dryness or dandruff just Flake the hell Off!

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