A little story about LiL J

Lil J Haircare is a collection of all-natural, Aussie-made hair products packed with nourishing nutrients and ingredients, designed to feed your fabulous.

We’re an Aussie-made and owned company, established in 2022 with decades of industry expertise that has helped create incredible clean hair-care products with natural ingredients that are as powerful, healing and pure as our intentions. We’ll transform your trashed, tired, limp and unruly locks and style them into a shining crown worthy of a queen or king.


Lil J Haircare Founder Jason Tleige

"Lil J is committed to empowering anyone and everyone to have the outrageously fabulous and healthy hair they deserve".

Founder & Head Hustler

With over two decades of hairdressing mastery, Jason has the expertise to bring out the very best in every lock that graces his hands.

Jason recognised a gap in the market for natural hair products that were easy to use, affordable and truly delivered on their promises. This was reinforced by his clients, who shared his same views.

Jason dove headfirst into developing Lil J Haircare which launched in February 2022, a range of hair care products that are made with natural ingredients, nourishing and help strengthen your hair.

When he's not busy sprinkling magic on hair, Jason can be found exploring the realms of fashion, art, and travel. With his passion for hair, infectious enthusiasm, scissors as his wand and natural haircare as his secret weapon, he's always on the hunt for inspiration to bring back to the Lil J empire.

If you have any questions, or you're a business interested in stocking the Lil J range, please reach out and email us at jason@lilj.com.au

- Big love from Lil J

Lil J Haircare Thick & Juicy Hair Treatment with model


How it all started

Armed with a vision and an determination, Jason collaborated with a fellow Aussie-owned business specialising in the production of natural hair products. Spending many months researching, developing and testing to create Lil J.


Empowering everyone to have the fabulous and healthy hair they deserve

We believe in our vision and we invite you to take a journey to feed your fabulous with Lil J Haircare.


What makes us special

Aussie-made and owned

Born in Sydney, we proudly develop and produce all our products down under.

Clean ingredients

We strive to ensure our products are made from clean and natural ingredients free from sulphates, parabens, silicone.

Cruelty free

Our products are developed with zero testing on animals. Plus we absolutely love animals! (Ask Jason about his mischievous fur babies).

Designed for all hair types

Unique gentle products designed to protect, nourish and restore all hair types.

Vegan friendly

Let your hair boogie with the rhythm of nature with our products made with vegan friendly ingredients.

We're passionate as f#*k

We love what we do and we love our growing clan. We aim to always do our best. We are humble and always strive to create the best haircare.